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Revise Your Sale Orders

When sales person work on any sale order they need to revise it many times, in odoo we do it by doing changes in same order so end user can not distinguish that on which revision no they are working.

If company is dealing on unique and high cost products they need to know revision no and pure order data on related Revision. To handle such condition we have added this module.

We have added button on quotation view to revise sale order when user want to create new revision.
Users can revise quotations in drft and canceled states. Revised quotations will remain in Quotations menu. If sale order is revised we can see sale order link on form from which it was revised.
When ever any new revision get created it will add suffix '-R' on Sale order sequence and revision no of sale order. Revision no will get incremented by one every-time when same SO get revised. If we revise SO005 ir will create new quotaion SO005-R1 and SO005 will be in revised state where user can not confirm or cancel SO anymore.