Employee Workload Calculation and Notification


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Employee workload

For happy and productive workforce we need to mange employee workload equally distributed, but for that we need total information about assigned work to them. In big organizations normally it happens that some employees always have more work burden and some employees have less work load.
To avoid such situation there is one scenario that we get workload details in advance so if some one have more workload we can assign some work from him/her to another employee who have less work. By installing this module you will get total workload information on employee kanban view.

Employee workload in kanban

Based on configuration done in company form workload will be calculated for each employee (Having linked user) and hours will be shown in kanban view. Value will be shown in form view also.
If workload in less than configured workload value will be shown in green background and if employee is overloaded it will show value in red background so in one sight also you can easily get proper view.

Employee Workload Configuration

You can configure workload calculation based on your need.
If you want to calculate workload only for next 5 days in advance you can set days to 5 and minimum workload hours based on your working hours per day (if you work for 8 hours day 8*5 = 40 hours).
Workload will be calculated from Project Tasks based on their deadline date and remaining hours. Task will not be calculated in workload if deadline is not in next configured days or task is blocked.

Employee Having Less Workload Notification Mail

Employee workload notification for each department will be sent daily to their related managers and workload followers.
Mail contains proper employee name and workload and department details. Based on this mail you will have clear view that these employee have less workload than thye should have so you can take proper action.
If you want to change Mail body you can contact us.

Workload Notification Follower

If some one in company want all notification mails related to workload than they can follow from preferences.
This option can be useful for Manager, CTO, CEO or any other responsible persons so they can have details what is going on in their company.

You can get benefit of managing your company and make more revenue if some employees have always less workload. (Don't forget to set outgoing mail server if want mail notification)
1> Set your minimum workload notification hours and days in company configuration.
2> Set workload followers if someone want.
Nothing else to do in term of configuration.