Project Milestones in Odoo

Application to manage long term projects by milestones in odoo
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Project Milestones in Odoo
Turkesh Patel
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Project Milestone Management in odoo

In default odoo there is no way to manage project milestones. So here using this module you can Manage Your project milestones and in milestone you can set tasks so you can manage proper progress of project and delivery can be managed easily.

New Milestone View

We have added new menu and view for Milestones.

You can check milestones related to project and their staus directly from this menu. This tree view have state based colours.

Smart button on Project to check all linked Milestones with this project.

Form view for Milestone with information and smart button to check all tasks related to milestone.

Constraint on Milestone if milestone exist as next milestone in any other milestone it would not allow to start work on that milestone untill prvious milestones are completed.

Start and End date constraint on Milestone.

Other configurations in Odoo

No extra technical knowledge or configurations requireired. Just install the module and enjoy functionality.

For customization & help ContactUS or  get this module From Odoo App Store.

Project Milestones in Odoo
Turkesh Patel August 19, 2017
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