Facility Management System in Odoo

Application to manage Facility of office or premises in odoo

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Application to manage Facility of office or premises in AlmightyCS

Application to manage Facility in AlmightyCS. Facility management contain many things but if we think about small company they need to manage cleaning process, repair or maintenance process on regular intervals for almost all assets. To manage such process and their registers we have developed this module.


Create Your Facility Masters by entering proepr data and execution type. Based on selected execution intervals it will create Activity automatically. Facility master tree view with color based on states.

Facility Activity form view. It can be created automaically and manually also with uniqe sequence number. Tree view with color based on state.

Manage your Facility properly and make it more clean, Usefull and attractive

In AlmightyCS now you can manage Facility registar for following process or same process like that in this module.

1> Office Cleaning Register 

2> TV, AC of Car maintenance Register

3> Data Backup Process

And many more possibilty based on requirement and thinkig.

You just need to create proper masters and then it will create related activity automatically on regular intervals for running masters. You can define responsible and reviewer for each activity so it can be managed and tracked easily.

Facility Management in AlmightyCS

No extra technical knowledge or configurations requireired. Just install the module and enjoy functionality.

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