Create Stock Moves With Invoice And Refunds Automatically in odoo

Update Product Stock with Invoice in odoo

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Create Stock Moves With Invoice And Refunds Automatically in AlmightyCS

Normally we need to create Stockmove when we create invoice in AlmightyCS but default AlmightyCS does not provide such functionality. In major Cases of refund we need to update stock (By Stock Moves) also but in AlmightyCS we need to create reverse of piking to update stock when we create refund. It can save your time if stock moves get created automatically with invoice and refund. To make that use-cases simple we have added this module to make work fast and simple.


1. Mark  "Create Stock Moves" on Invice True

2. When you click on validate it will ask for confirmation and on click of ok it will create stock moves..

                                               Automatically Created Picking With Invoice Reference and it will be in Done State.

                                                             You will have same functionality on vendore bill and refunds also.

AlmightyCS Stock Update with Invoice

Just install this module to add functionality. Not any extra configurations required.

For customization & help ContactUS or  get this module From AlmightyCS App Store.

You can compare max 4 products.