Odoo Account Login Alert

Make your odoo account more secure
December 20, 2016 by
Odoo Account Login Alert
Turkesh Patel
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Why Login Alert Requires???

Most of the account provider sent you notification when any new login/login attempt is done on your account (Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo). But in Odoo there is not any such alert facility available.

If your Facebook or Google account get hacked you will face very less loss but if anyone else is accessing your Odoo ERP (OpenEPR) account then it can be really very dangerous for your business. It is not about hacking or security breach of odoo but it can be your mistake also. Many time it happens that some guys can easily recognize password when you type in front of them. They can use your account anytime when they want and you will never get to know that soneone is using your account. Is it ok for you that any one else use your account? i don't think you will like that, you can avoid such big  data loss by getting login alerts of your accounts.  Just install our "Login Alert" and make your odoo more secure.

Login Alert in mail.

Get login alert for your odoo account when successful login is done from new system or browser or IP. you will get total details in mail from which system and browser your account logged in.

If that login done by you then you can ignore that mail. But if it was not you than as immediate action you can change your password and can save your data loss.

you will get other information like location, Operating system and browser related details also in mail. if you login from same IP, system and browser again  you will not get notification mail.

Attractive mail templates.

We have designed very attractive mail template for mail alerts. You can customize your mail template also or can contact us for such changes.

We designed two different mail templates for alert one for successful login and another for unsuccessful login attempt.

Back-end view.

Users can review and manage their login history from their preferences view. Admin will have new page related to login history on users view to manage.

To get this module you can ContactUS or  get it From Odoo App Store.

Odoo Account Login Alert
Turkesh Patel December 20, 2016
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