Sale, Purchase and Invoice Merge

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Merge Sale, Purchase and Invoice

This Module will Add functionality to Merge Sale, Purchase and Invoice.

Select multiple records from list view.
Select records with same customer/supplier (If you select records with different partners it will raise warning.).
If you want to merge records in any existing record select option 'Merge in Existing Record'.
If you want to create new record from all selected records choose option 'Create New Record'.
You can Delete remaining records or Cancel them based on your wish by choosing proper option.
Finally Click on Merge Button.
It will Create/Edit Record and open the record so you can work directly on that record.

Other Configuration

To use this module no technical knowledge is required. Just install module and functionality is ready to use. For more customization and help contact us.

Specifications for " Sale, Purchase and Invoice Merge "

This Module will Add functionality of Sale, Purchase and Invoice Order Merge.

You can compare max 4 products.