Project Issue Timesheet with Start Stop

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Project Issue Timesheet withStart Stop functionality.

When we work on any Issue we need to enter timesheet details in odoo.

But many time because of work load we forget to enter timesheet entry and that can cause loss in revenue. To avoid such mistakes and loss we have implemented simple functionality in this module. When any user start work on any Issue they will have to click on start and when work is completed or stopped they have to click stop button thats it. It will automatically create timesheet entry.

We have added buttons on Issue form view.

In form view we have added timer also to show total time spent from work started till now. Users can manually edit timesheet entry description or we have added special field on Issue for that where users can enter details of their work and that will be added as timesheet description.

There will be default description of Issue. We Capture start and stop time also on timesheet for more clear picture of work.

We have added start stop buttons on kanban view also for users comfort.

We have added functionality where any user will be able to start one Issue at a time. Before starting work on another Issue they will need to stop work first on running Issue so mistakes can be avoided.

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Project Issue Timesheet with Start Stop improvements to Simplify project Issue Usability

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