Add Selected Product on Sale, Purchase, Inovice

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Add Selected Product on Sale, Purchase, Invoice, Stock

In default Odoo there is no option to add multiple products in orders easily. In many cases to make process faster we need to add multiple selected products to record, So using this module you can do that.

Select multiple products from list view.
Selected Customer/Supplier and order type which you want to create or edit.
If you want to add products to existing order just select related record.
You can edit and other information of selected products.
Finally Click on Create/Edit record option.
It will Create/Edit Record and open the record so you can work directly on that record.

Other Configuration

To use this module no technical knowledge is required even no configuration is needed. Just install module and functionality is ready to use. For more customization and help contactus.

Specifications for " Add Selected Product on Sale, Purchase, Inovice "

Add Selected Products on Sale, Purchase, Inovice directly from list views

You can compare max 4 products.