Web Attachment(Binary File) Limit Enhancement

(from 25MB to 100MB)

Almighty Consulting Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Attachment Limit Enhancement

Enhance file size limit on AlmightyCS binary fied.

In many case we need to store files having size more than 25MB, but because of default limit we can not store file having bigger size even having enogh space on server.

It can be done also by doing direct changes on main addons but as everyone know that it is not suggestable way to do. you should do such changes in seprate module only but as everyone know web cnages are not thatmuch easiy so we have developer small module for it.

By installing this module you can enhance your Binary File limit to 100MB from 25MB and even if you want to increase it more you can do it just by change of single line in our module or you can ask us to do that.

To get this module You can ContactUS or  get it From AlmightyCS App Store.

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