Set/Import Partner(Customer/Supplier) Image From URL

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In many cases we like to get Partner(Customer/Supplier) Image Directly from URl instead of downloading and uploading image from somewhere else.

When we are importing data from older system to new system we want to set images of Customer/Supplier from older system. You can set product image from URL in individual Partner using form view. When you set URL and save record it will set image automatically.

Many times you will want to import Partners(Customers/Suppliers) from other systems using the odoo import feature but odoo does not offer an out-of-the-box feature to import partner images. Using this module you can import the Partner Image from URL.
  • Simply Add 'Image URL' column in your csv import file.
  • Import your products using your import file by mapping Image URL field.
  • Nothing else to do just validate and import. It will load product images automatically.