Helpdesk Ticket Timesheet with Start Stop

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Helpdesk Ticket Timesheet with Start Stop improvements to make it more easy and usefull.

When we work on any Tickit in helpdesk currently we dont have any option to enter timesheet for work done and time spent.

Many time because of work load we forget to enter timesheet entry. To avoid such mistakes and loss we have implemented simple functionality in this module. When any user start work on any Ticket they will have to click on start and when work is completed or stopped they have to click stop button thats it. It will automatically create timesheet entry.
We made timesheet in very easy and useful way.

We have added buttons on Helpdesk Ticket form view.

In form view we have added timer also to show total time spent from work started till now.

Users can manually edit timesheet entry description or we have added special field on for that where users can enter details of their work and that will be added as timesheet description.

There will be default description from Ticket name. We Capture start and stop time also on timesheet for more clear picture of work.

We have added start stop buttons on kanban view also for users comfort.

We have added functionality where any user will be able to start one Ticket Work at a time. Before starting work on another Ticket they will need to stop work first on running Ticket Work so mistakes can be avoided.

Other Configuration

To use this module no technical knowledge is required. Just install module and functionality is ready to use. For more customization and help contactus.