Keyboard Shortcut Keys For Odoo 10 Community

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Keyboard Shortcut Keys For Odoo 10 Community
Turkesh Patel
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Keyboard Shortcut Keys For Odoo 10

Shortcut to work fast with keyboard

A Many users are very comfortable to use Keyboard shortcuts to use the system. Accountant and Retailer feel easy to use keyboard shortcuts and most tally users love that. 

Odoo Enterprise is Simple and Easy to use with shortcuts. In Enterprise help is given that how to use shortcuts. You can use keyboard shortcut to perform functions in Odoo ERP. Below we have listed all shortcut for your reference with their functionality. Hope this will be useful to you.

Odoo Commununity: There is no help given how to use shortcuts in 10 community

Same Features are availabe in odoo community version also. But most of the users think that is is only available in odoo Enterprise. So try this shortcust in your comminity version and enjoy odoo.

Description Windows/Linux Mac
Save a record Alt + s Control + Alt + s
Edit a record Alt + a Control + Alt + a
Discard a record modification Alt + j Control + Alt + j
Create a new record Alt + c Control + Alt + c
Open to list view Alt + l Control + Alt + l
Open to kanban view Alt + k Control + Alt + k
Open the previous record Alt + p Control + Alt + p
Open the next record Alt + n Control + Alt + n
Toggle home menu Alt + h Control + Alt + h

Keyboard Shortcut Keys For Odoo 10 Community
Turkesh Patel July 7, 2017
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