Hospital Management System

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January 22, 2018 by
Hospital Management System
Turkesh Patel
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Hospital Management System

Based on our experience and technical knowledge we developed this base module for Hospital Management Vertical. Using this modules users can manage their HMS related flows and requirements.

Hospital management Home Page

Easy, Attractive and user-friendly menu system.

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What is special from other HMS applications

Clean Code

Proper User roles

Record Rules and Accessrights

Clean Form Views

Many more supporting modules to complete flow

Demo Data Available




Patient Management
Patient Registartion
Patient Besic Details
Patient Registration card, Barcode print
Registartion Notifications
Birthday greetings
Patient Photo Capture Comming Soon
Vaccination Comming Soon
Insurance Comming Soon
Physicians Management
Basic information
Physicians Specialties
Physicians Degrees
Physicians Shedules
Refering Physician
Physician Dashbords Comming Soon
OPD/Appointment Management
Treatment Management
Treatment Based Automated medical history
Appointment Management
Patient Waiting & Consultation Time Tracking
Automation to find it's Consultation or Followup
Online Appointment management Comming Soon
Patient Queue Management and next patient screen Comming Soon
IPD/Hospitalization Management
Wards Management Comming Soon
Bed Management Comming Soon
Wards Management Comming Soon
Hospitalizaton Checklists Comming Soon
Surgeries Comming Soon
Operation Theater Comming Soon
Pre Operation Checklists Comming Soon
Post Operation Checklists Comming Soon
Diet Plans Comming Soon
Care plans Comming Soon
Admission Discharge & Transfer Comming Soon
Discharge Invoice & Summary Comming Soon
Laboratory & Diagnostics Management System
Lab Tests Comming Soon
X-ray Comming Soon
Pathology Comming Soon
Radiology Comming Soon
Patient Billing
OPD Billing
IPD Billing
Track Discounts, Refunds, Collection
Insurance claim management Comming Soon
Package Billing Comming Soon
Management Dashboard
Patient Dashboard Comming Soon
Receptionist Dashboard Comming Soon
Doctor Dashboard Comming Soon
Nurse Dashboard Comming Soon
Administartor Dashboard Comming Soon
Stock Management System
Purchase and Inventory Management
Purchase Orders
Stock Moves
Stock on multiple locations
Hospital Finance Management
Doctors Accounting (Payouts)
Staff Payroll
Refering Doctor Commisions Comming Soon
Pharmacy Management
Prescription Based Direct Sale Comming Soon
Medicine Barcode Generation Comming Soon
Batch Wise Pricing Comming Soon
Medicine Expiry Comming Soon
Medicine Manufacture Comming Soon
Medicine Lot Locking Comming Soon
Stock Move on Invoicing Comming Soon
Blood Bank Management
Boold Bag Management Comming Soon
Blood Requisition (Donation) Comming Soon
Blood Issuance Comming Soon
Blood Storage Comming Soon
Pation Blood Donation Comming Soon
Website Features
Basic Website Home page Comming Soon
Publish Doctors On webiste Comming Soon
Publish Doctors Shedules Comming Soon
CSR Activity Management
Extra Features
HMS Report Header
HMS Letterpad Header
Mail Notifications
Medical Representative Management Comming Soon
Patient Docuemnt Management Comming Soon
Patient Waiting Screens Comming Soon
Facility Management Comming Soon
Most Important Features
Departement Management
Departement Based Record Sharing
User Rolls
User Roll Based Screen, Record Rules and Access Rights
Speciality Specific Modules
Gaynec Management Comming Soon
Phsiotherapy Management Comming Soon
Lithotripsy Management Comming Soon
Paediatric Management Comming Soon
Dentist Management Comming Soon

Detailed Description

Laboratory & Diagnostics Management System By ACS

Other Configuration

To use this module no technical knowledge is required. Just install module and functionality is ready to use. For more customization and help contactus.

Hospital Management System
Turkesh Patel January 22, 2018
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